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Worry Wort Mom.

12 Jun

With Friday being the most exciting day in quite a long time, this week seems to be dragging on purposely. I just want it to be Friday so I can see my baby once again on that screen AND see the gender. Is that not one of the most exciting parts of pregnancy!? As I wait…and wait, I feel my energy draining more and more day by day, and my mood gets worse by the minute. Of course when I have no energy Rayne has to test my limits. So, most of my week has been laying down, snapping at everyone, and handing out time-outs like free candy. Not to mention my cravings for sweets has gotten so bad, it’s hard to have an appetite for anything else. The other day I spent $8 on candy at the Dollar Tree! Needless to say, it’s gone.

I find myself being weak not only to my cravings, but also to worries that keep creeping in. Worrying is normal for pregnant women, but it’s so time-consuming and a complete waste. Even things I’ve been told are not worrisome I worry about. Maybe I should consult some of you moms?

Okay, Numero uno: Since about 14-15 weeks, I’ve had what feels like Braxton Hicks. A weird tightening and pressure around my stomach, mostly lower. I know Braxton Hicks don’t start until later in pregnancy, so is it something else? Or is this normal?

Second: When I was pregnant with Rayne, I was showing quite a bit by 19-20 weeks. This time around, You can’t tell unless you know. Not to mention my stomach is different sizes everyday! Some days I look pregnant, some days I just look like I put on weight…in the form of a muffin top >: ( My stomach isn’t even hard like it was the first time…just fat-ish. Which doesn’t help my constant fear of getting fat.

I’m hoping one of you mommies can put my mind at ease since the doctors have yet to do so. Of course, I know I could sound totally psycho. I know every pregnancy is different. But that doesn’t make me worry less. Any help for a worry wort mom?

How Do I Handle The “Whys”?

28 Feb


Rayne is currently 2 1/2 years old and picking up speed. I remember when she couldn’t say a word and now she’s constantly talking. “Mommy, watch this!”, “Mommy, Help me!”, “Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy”. But her current favorite is “Why?“. She asks “why” about EVERYTHING. And any answer I give her is quickly met with another “Why?“. Sometimes I get so frustrated I just say “I don’t Know!” or “Just because!”. I feel bad for not being able to provide helpful answers to her never ending whys, but what can ya do?


I’m happy that she is curious and wants to know about everything. But It’s difficult to have to have an answer for every single little thing. The other day I was holding Rayne, and my Mother told her that she loves her. Rayne asked, “Why?“. My Mom noted many of Rayne’s strong points and talents. That wasn’t enough. She kept asking “Why?“. Until there were no longer any answers except “Because!”. Sometimes I think she asks “why” a hundred times of the same thing, Just to say something. I know this is totally normal for children, especially her age. But how do we handle it? Do we give all our answers until there’s only “because”? Do we ignore it after a few “whys”? How can you answer everything they ask, all day, everyday, without feeling exhausted by it?


Do you have any advice for dealing with the “Whys“?

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